intercontinental ballistic tungsten missile

Taz buckfasters Gold tooth grin is fiiiinaly getting a release on numbers this month, been waiting for this one to come out since the demo version on Jackmasters mix for low end spasm over a year ago.

he blatantly stole the melody from the darts song like, which instantly makes it 10 times better than anything else ever.  cant do the hokey cokey arms dance with the lads to future fucking garage now can you?


on a side note, Robbie savage is a tit


cash your giros and get up.

D double E & JME Serious Thugs

tenuous link to sharing the dodgey N.A.S.T.Y crew cd I got of ebay 6 years ago. this thing was hooky as fuck. radio rips and low bit rate napster tunes. the quality was always bad but I’m sure being left in various rotting kitchens over the years hasn’t helped. its a miracle it even plays to be honest. I cant find the original case but it looked like someones failed graphic design GCSE coursework, the cover was a pixelated photo of some 1970’s riot with the words “paperchase productions” under it with a fake record label catalog number of PC005, possibly the worst attempt at making a bootleg seem not a bootleg that I’ve ever seen. I’ve even included the 2 (unfunny) jerky boys skits the crackerjack who made the compilation wacked on the end as “bonus”.

Track list

1- Headquarters – Essentials f/ Kano & D Double E

2- Serious Thugs – D Double E & JME

3- P’s & Q’s – Kano

4- Colours – D Double E

5- Birds in the sky  – D Double E

6 – War Wid – D Double E & Footsie

7 -Take Dem Out – NASTY crew

8- Bring arms out – Kano & Demon

9 -War Talk – NASTY crew

10- Gangster toys – Kano & Demon

11- Pets Inside – D double E

12- Destruction – NASTY crew & guests

13- Take dem out Remix – Skam

14- Bang Bang – D Double E & Footsie

15 – Dont mug yourself Remix – Jammmer

16- So sure – Kano & Sadie

17 & 18 jerk boys crap


“I wish one of you guys had children so i could kick them in the fucking head or stomp on their testicles, so you could feel my pain, cause thats the pain I have waking up every day”

Ass to mouth,,,Mouth to ass

dipset reunion, araab muzik’s production on this is something else.

Dipset Salute download

the half time jumpstyle conversion continues, and hes moving further towards footwork territory with the skittering snares. can you imagine the kid making “live” juke on the mpc? insane.

da zombeez mixtape

  • 2.And ya heard(produce by Araabmuzik)
  • 4.Chalupa Prod by Araabmuzik
  • 7.stop it 5 prod by araab muzik
  • 8.Ohio Prod by Araabmuzik
  • 9.always made it prod by araab muzik
  • 10.gotit4cheap( y.h.)
  • 11.rick flair prod by Araab Muzik
  • 12.professional (prod. by y.h.)
  • 13.go hard(prod. by araab muzik)
  • for the grind 2(prod. by araabMuzik)
  • 15.get em prod by ARAabMuzik
  • 16.cha-ching cha-ching prod by YH
  • 17.produced by araabMuzik

“Vocabluary for the new bitches”

Soo Jin [Treasure; excellence and truth] 00

For runway contestants, the tall division, regardless to gender

Banjy (adjective)
The street-savvy look; also, looking like “rough trade”

A tie breaker; a chance for the contestant to show up his opponent. (See also Vogue-cabulary)

Big Boy/Girl
A class of ball competitors, usually 250 lbs. and over; “Luscious” for the ladies

Bring (It)
A challenge; call of defiance; “Come on down, you’re the next contestant…” Sometimes contestants are allowed to “call out” a rival

A masculine female, usually lesbian

Butch Queen
A gay male, ranging from “straight acting” to flamboyant

BQ in Drag
A gay male in women’s clothes that is not taking hormones. Some can actually pass for women, but this is not required unless specified by the category

Clever rhymes and raps used by the emcee to liven up competition

To disqualify (as in contestant); process of elimination…”Thank you, have a nice day.” Also “hi-Yah” and “pack”

Come (for)
To challenge; “Don’t come for me, ’cause you don’t want it…”

Obtained by illegal means- credit card or check writing scams usually; “Miss Thing, that Galliano gown was crafted…”; also Stunkus

Ultra feminine; also, interchangeable with “ovah”

Designers’ Delite
A category for aspiring designers and home sewers. “The garment must be made by YOU!”

A house leader (without regard to gender)

Feel (it)
To be totally absorbed in the moment

Grand March
The opening ceremonies. The hosting house’s members are introduced, along with the categories they represent. Mother and Father are introduced last, for maximum effect

A title paired with a particular category winner, either currently or consistently. Examples include: label god (always “serves” this category- head to toe, and often layers), and face goddess (dare anyone defy her?)

Disqualification from competition or a category, taken from the fictitious Karate cry; also “chop” or “pack”

A social group, clique, club, posse, family, fraternity (usually gay)

A ballroom history maker; beyond the status of a Legend.

Noun: a close pal; adjective: characterized by favoritism, as in a judge that gives high scores based on friendship.

A multi- trophy winner, with a ballroom history; A veteran

(Rhymes with “give”) to enjoy oneself immensely; “I lived at that last ball!”

For runway contestants, the petite or short division; anyone shorter than male/female model industry standards


Model’s vs. Luscious (Body)
Two separate female or FQ categories, the later leans toward full-figured

Model’s vs. Muscular (Body)
Two separate male categories, the later leans toward bodybuilding

Variation of “over”, meaning “very impressive”, also “cunty” or “sickening”; “legendary” on occasion

Pay (it)
To ignore and move on, as in an unfavorable judges’ decision; “Pay it. We’ll get her after the ball”

A runway stunt in which you remove garment layers gracefully, down to your best ensemble

That son or daughter most likely to take the lead as mother or father, should the current parents not continue their role; “Heir to the Throne”

To greatly surpass in performance. Also “destroy”

The art of insults; finding a flaw in your opponent and verbally showcasing and exaggerating it (also “Deadly Daggers”); giving someone a “piece of your mind”

Someone currently known for winning a particular category. Rulers come and go, but Legends are forever!

An undesirable person, or described as such; low rated

Acknowledge or give credit; “No shade, but I don’t see it”.

Shade (Throwing)
Underhanded dealings, where usually the “jokes on you”; “Judge number two threw me shade…”

To win

An up-and-coming Legend; a frequent winner that is making a name for themselves

An up-and-coming Star; not always winning, but frequently “getting [your] tens”.

See Craft(ed)

Tens, Getting Your
To get a perfect score from the whole judges’ panel, 10 being the highest.

Turn (it)
To make a grand show; bring the ballroom to its feet; also “work”, “sell” and “serve”(all usually accompanied by “goddammit” or “bitch”)

Fictional character created to represent unfavorable elements of the ball scene: excessive shade, petty bickering, etc.

First-timer, never walked (a particular category) ever.

To enter a category; “Miss Thing, you should not walk for “Face”…

CUNT beat`sz

Christopher St.,
New York

yes get up on it for the late cunts 😉

Jay Karen Pendavis – Bitch You’ll Gag (download)

Jay Karen Pendavis- I dont like you bitch (download)

Jay Karen Pendavis- This For The Bitch (download)

Space Dimension Controller

space dimension controller, Ireland’s young purveyor of galactic funk is a refreshing change from the hordes of mac book producers making “electro” aka big beat version 2.0. his space filled analogue productions evoke the sounds and spirits of jonzun crew and world class wrecking crew with out sounding dated, the syths and drums sound unique, and theres a pop song sensibility to his newer release‘s thats sadly lacking from a lot of current electronic music.

I did a re up of his fact mix from a couple months ago, couldn’t find this anywhere on the net, just a load of waste blogs with dead links to the original fact page.


1. Zapp – Computer Love
2. Jonzun Crew – Pack Jam
3. Space Dimension Controller – The Love Quadrant
4. Space Dimension Controller – Electropod-250
5. Class Action – Weekend
6. Space Dimension Controller – Transatlantic Landing Bay
7. X-District – Color Correction (Jimmy Edgar LTNT Remix)
8. Space Dimension Controller – Mercurial Attraction
9. Space Dimension Controller – Cosmo30 Travel Duration
10. Space DImension Controller – Journey To The Core of The Sphere Unknown
(Kyle Hall’s I’m Only Breathing Remix)
11. Round One – I’m Your Brother (Club Version)
12. Model 500 – I Wanna Be There
13. Round One – I’m Your Brother (Chicago’s Twisted Mix)
14. Jamie Jones feat. Egyptian Lover – Galactic Space Bar
15. Mike Dehnert – Umlaut2 (First Version)
16. Duplex – Censory (Remix 1)
17. Der Zyklus – Formenverwandler
18. Space Dimension Controller – Fluorescent Trails

He’s released a free album through acroplane records, who also released two records from his first project RL/VL.

I’ve taken the liberty/piss of putting together a bunch of tracks he put up for download on soundcloud. aka THE ETHER. click the cover to get them, 10 tracks in total, including an almost mournful version of the Axle F theme.

Vuvuzela riddim

The world cup being in suud affhrika has meant no chronicle bus token ferry trips for the great unwashed to mill about in piazas, no screaming nationalist songs in locals faces, no water cannons knocking overweight roofers on their arses. In the absence of any real hooligan action for everyone in england to condemn/secretly be proud of the media, and every boring cunt on twitters attention has shifted to demonising the Vuvuzela.

spare a thought for Dr Godson Ogwudire, purveyor of fine “ethnic” food, whos been banned by Newcastle council from playing his alongside the bongo players he’s hired. so many sour cunts in this city. despite living the loudest city in the uk some sour buzz decide a crackerjack on a plastic horn was too much to handle and ratted the good doctor out to the bacon cozzers. In solidarity we present this gift from MR BENN, VUVUZELA RIDDIM. Download

personally i feel its not obnoxious enough, needs at least 30 seconds more of prolonged horn drone,  but maybe the christian rappers at the monument can loop it from 9-5 every day to piss of the cia pencil pushers.


………..this is getting there but still far to tastefull

stone cold stunner, beep beep road runner


one of my favorite grime mc’s who just seemed to drop off the face of the earth makes a welcome return on SB.TV. his myspace blog still aint been update since 2006 tho so fuck nows if owt new is coming.

jammer’s face during ears’s first bit freaks me out …….. hes got the same look as a wounded Prince crossed with a nodding dog.

Taken from the David E Sugar vs Ears ep

everything bless, everything fine download (128)

hypocrisy of the highest order

I wont lie. I used to think that i fucking hated garage as a teenager. For a pre web 2.0 teenager in rural north east england it seemed like it was all that fucking pied piper song and mc lucks nasal whine. I can remember excluding Tubby T’s Tales of the hood and Ms Dynamites Boo from my vitriol  but generally I had no time for it, I was probably to busy listening to ninja tune or (shudder)  Mo’wax and admiring james levels xxxxl combat pants. I also completely failed to make the link between these and the 4 speed garagetunes in a row that we used to rinse out of the Ministry of sound Annual III , so it makes absolutely no sense for me to feel so strongly about this song, Man Like Me‘s tribute to a unknown garage solider.

whats even better is that debruit has just put up his remix on soundcloud for you to nick. so now you can show off you borrowed nostalgia for the late 90’s with out people calling you an trendy indie bellend on the forums.

London Town – Debruit remix

new kode 9

kode 9’s dj kicks mix is due out this month, they’re giving away one of his tracks, as well as streaming the first 15 mins of the mix, which kicks off with LONE’s amazing once in a while, here

kode 9 – you dont wash

really this is just an excuse for me to post the wiley kode 9 set off rinse from 4 years back.

Kode9 & wiley rinseFM ,26 january 2006