AraabMuzik, dipset’s 20 year old Hispanic (not arabic) producer dropping mpc knowledge, the audio in the studio vids slightly off, but this is all “live”. regardless of how tech it is the beats are epic in their own right.

the beats that come in at around 0.40 and 1.40 on this are insane

this ones just dumb. wouldn’t want to play the kid at international track and field

here he is playing in what looks like pop world in the bigg market. check the Chinese cloak room attendant looking unimpressed, random drinkers unsure of what the fuck is going on and, best of all, the 50 year old resident dj, itching to get back to playing carless whisper. (why the fucks he got a kaos pad?!?!)
the beat with the happy hardcore/chart trance diva samples a personal highlight.

pretty sure this is SCOOTER at the begging of this one

this got that Rustie lazer squelch in the back of the bass.


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