best scene in the film. not the shoot out, just for the bit at 2.20 when George Costanza does his little dance. Although arnold doing the mooch round the empty dance floor while tech noir flashes on and off in the background is pretty epic, executive even.

This was on the other night and has to be the first time in years theres been a decent film on tv on a sunday night. all through my school years there was always something decent – i say decent but it was probably the last action hero or true lies on repeat for the 50th time- on bbc 2 or c4 on a sunday, and probably something on itv mid week. fittingly the sound tracks one of the first I can remember as a kid.

I had a hooky vhs of terminator that I’d tapped when it was first on and can remember thinking the synth sounds must have been wrong, must have been due to the knackered vhs that I’d taped over countless times, that they’d some how trapped the essence of Jack Burton and the ultimate warrior in the magnetic tape and they were trying to break through.

Gun Shop – Resse In Ally
the erratic playing in the first 30 seconds of this is class, and probably confused my commodore 64 and virgin cola addled mind as a yout’.

Escape From Police Station
i think this is possibly the most executive track ever made. it has everything. drums that sound like empty oil barrels falling, the wistful terminator theme dropping in to fuck off again, something that ive decide is an electric violin, nothing happening for 4 minutes then you get 40 seconds of a work out that any post-italo-drone-whatever atp band would cut their vans slip ons off for.

The whole soundtrack was composed by Brad Fiedel, you can nick a low bitrate version here (its say 320 but it aint)

When I heard these 2 I immediately thought of the opening scene when Reese gets chased by the rozzers after robbing a tramps keks, and the countless drives along dark LA freeways respectively

Lorn – Cherry Moon available at fact

actress – Maze (long version) buy


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