Geordie Juke?

leaning a bit heavy on the juke at the minute but I couldn’t resist posting this..

juke mix by Capo Ultra, one of NCL’s finest.

“Proper Juke and that”

1 Chapters Kill Frenzy Uuuh 1

2 (La’amber/? “Slow Motion”

3 Dj Flawlez Smells Like Teen Spirit

4 Kill Frenzy Because Of You Rmx

5 Dj Rashad Drop Juke Out

6 Dj Hilti Sunshine

7 Dj Baddmixx Kryptonite *Dirty A Cappella*

8 Girl Unit Temple Keys

9 Dj Rashad In Da Club Before 11 O Clock

10 Dj Nate It’s Impossible)

11 Dj Rashad Shake & Drop

12 Leatherface Bounce Drop

13 (Rick Fury Newcastle City *A Capella*)

14 Dj Rashad Juke Them Thangs

15 Dj Rashad Freakin Me On The Flo

16 Dj Flawlez The Perfect Beat (Woo Shit)

17 Dj Baddmixx Let Me See Dat Ass Juke *A Capella*

18 (Rick Fury Newcastle City *A Capella*)



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