Blazey, Ojo and a bottle of Dog

2 Newcastle producers are giving away tunes for free at the minute

Mr. Blazey, or rob to his mam, giving away his latest album slonality, here

Copporn – anything to do with kraftverk cheeseslice is good with me


Locusts of control – first half of this is class, strong enough to be fully instrumental in its self

Professor Ojo
The son of an assistant in an early atomic energy facility, (the original Scottish and Newcastle breweries opposite st james’s) whose poor safety standards exposed workers to massive doses of hard radiation (out of date bottles of dog) Ojo was born without eyes. Brilliant but blind, Ojo eventually created a device allowing him to see, and eventually became associated with the League of Assassins, a part of the criminal empire of Ra’s al Ghul . Loathing atomic energy, Ojo stole an experimental atomic submarine, (red bull milk float) bringing him into conflict with G.O.O.D. agents Richard Dragon and Benjamin Turner. (student puffs) Although the two martial artists helped recover the stolen submarine (their mams only lent it to them so they could get the big shop in from gateshead tesco) Turner stayed behind while Dragon tried to return the submarine – one of Ojo’s operatives had murdered rattled the woman dentistry student Turner loved taken to Nandos, and he would not leave without confronting him reimbursement for the quater chicken he’d waxed his loyalty stamps on.
However, Ojo captured and brainwashed Turner, turning him into the assassian known as the Bronze Tiger im getting a bit bored of this. Ojo would sell Turner’s services for some time, first to an underground fighting tournament pigeon racing circle, then to Mike Ashley (the treacherous head of G.O.O.D.), and finally to Sensei of the League of Assassins, Mike Neville

he also makes beats and that……


Icecream Peaks

both taken from his Open music release
Between Snacks

Run – Im sick to death of people mentioning Dilla. Maybe if producers keep making basslines like this they’l stop and start talking bout Bone Thugs ‘N’ Harmony. they were fucking great weren’t they? its the thuggish ruggish bowwwwwwwwwwne

Claim Control

both taken from
Ojo beats Vol 1


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