cant stop what you cant see/word to my dick

Lil’ B‘s complete lack of mental or quality control filter seems to endear him to as many people as it repulses.

Article from The Wire, click to enlarge.

you have to wade through alot of shit with B, but what do expect from a kid who has over 100 myspace music profiles , and a youtube channel that recently put out a new video every day of the week

fuck knows how that tramp gets his clarinet to sound like Vangelis’s synths.

theres plenty said here and here about this a lot more concisely I than I could ever hope to, but regardless of what hes saying his switch to a gangstarr/nas illmatic period new york style is sick.

beat the odds

Real life – picture planes re edit

Uk Swagg – this is a utterly bizarre car crash at what I assume is B’s attempt at making a grime beat.

luckily theres plenty other fools who’ll spend their time shifting through the verbal and sonic diarrhea to bring you shiny 96kbps audio diamonds in the form of unofficial best of “mix tapes”

decent combination of proper tracks and stream of conciseness freak outs like “just a robot” and “based in england”. cant think of anyone since odb who can go from talking about blood on the floor and crack heads, to calling himself a “young nobleman” who’s coming to england to drink tea.

Pullin all nighters

Just a Robot

Based in England

Download from literal shit

Noz from cocaine blunts sifted through all B’s “Based” freestyles. bloody stoners.


Listen to the beat

Cocaine Blunts (the dedication)

Download from Cocaine blunts

If that still aint enough theres an archive of 250 of his songs here….


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