hypocrisy of the highest order

I wont lie. I used to think that i fucking hated garage as a teenager. For a pre web 2.0 teenager in rural north east england it seemed like it was all that fucking pied piper song and mc lucks nasal whine. I can remember excluding Tubby T’s Tales of the hood and Ms Dynamites Boo from my vitriol  but generally I had no time for it, I was probably to busy listening to ninja tune or (shudder)  Mo’wax and admiring james levels xxxxl combat pants. I also completely failed to make the link between these and the 4 speed garagetunes in a row that we used to rinse out of the Ministry of sound Annual III , so it makes absolutely no sense for me to feel so strongly about this song, Man Like Me‘s tribute to a unknown garage solider.

whats even better is that debruit has just put up his remix on soundcloud for you to nick. so now you can show off you borrowed nostalgia for the late 90’s with out people calling you an trendy indie bellend on the forums.

London Town – Debruit remix


3 responses to “hypocrisy of the highest order

  1. Ah, poor Mowax. I’m feeling sympathy nostalgia and will defend it against a shudder dismissal. The great thing about all your releases sounding the same is it makes for a good label mix – see the pyschonauts appropriately named ‘time machine’, enjoyable for the 25 year olds out there and a tight 40 mins. Granted this is also condemnation … a whole label reduced to a nice little mix.

    Also, put out Dr Octagon in the UK, and Entroducing … and money mark remembered with fondness by me … youth innit.

    More music videos should be shot in meat factories

    • I think my horror at the memory’s stem mainly from James lavell’s tire tread head shaving that, even as a 15 year old, I new I was to bald to pull off

  2. Get some Tubby Tin the mix.

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