Vuvuzela riddim

The world cup being in suud affhrika has meant no chronicle bus token ferry trips for the great unwashed to mill about in piazas, no screaming nationalist songs in locals faces, no water cannons knocking overweight roofers on their arses. In the absence of any real hooligan action for everyone in england to condemn/secretly be proud of the media, and every boring cunt on twitters attention has shifted to demonising the Vuvuzela.

spare a thought for Dr Godson Ogwudire, purveyor of fine “ethnic” food, whos been banned by Newcastle council from playing his alongside the bongo players he’s hired. so many sour cunts in this city. despite living the loudest city in the uk some sour buzz decide a crackerjack on a plastic horn was too much to handle and ratted the good doctor out to the bacon cozzers. In solidarity we present this gift from MR BENN, VUVUZELA RIDDIM. Download

personally i feel its not obnoxious enough, needs at least 30 seconds more of prolonged horn drone,  but maybe the christian rappers at the monument can loop it from 9-5 every day to piss of the cia pencil pushers.


………..this is getting there but still far to tastefull


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