cash your giros and get up.

D double E & JME Serious Thugs

tenuous link to sharing the dodgey N.A.S.T.Y crew cd I got of ebay 6 years ago. this thing was hooky as fuck. radio rips and low bit rate napster tunes. the quality was always bad but I’m sure being left in various rotting kitchens over the years hasn’t helped. its a miracle it even plays to be honest. I cant find the original case but it looked like someones failed graphic design GCSE coursework, the cover was a pixelated photo of some 1970’s riot with the words “paperchase productions” under it with a fake record label catalog number of PC005, possibly the worst attempt at making a bootleg seem not a bootleg that I’ve ever seen. I’ve even included the 2 (unfunny) jerky boys skits the crackerjack who made the compilation wacked on the end as “bonus”.

Track list

1- Headquarters – Essentials f/ Kano & D Double E

2- Serious Thugs – D Double E & JME

3- P’s & Q’s – Kano

4- Colours – D Double E

5- Birds in the sky  – D Double E

6 – War Wid – D Double E & Footsie

7 -Take Dem Out – NASTY crew

8- Bring arms out – Kano & Demon

9 -War Talk – NASTY crew

10- Gangster toys – Kano & Demon

11- Pets Inside – D double E

12- Destruction – NASTY crew & guests

13- Take dem out Remix – Skam

14- Bang Bang – D Double E & Footsie

15 – Dont mug yourself Remix – Jammmer

16- So sure – Kano & Sadie

17 & 18 jerk boys crap



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