stone cold stunner, beep beep road runner


one of my favorite grime mc’s who just seemed to drop off the face of the earth makes a welcome return on SB.TV. his myspace blog still aint been update since 2006 tho so fuck nows if owt new is coming.

jammer’s face during ears’s first bit freaks me out …….. hes got the same look as a wounded Prince crossed with a nodding dog.

Taken from the David E Sugar vs Ears ep

everything bless, everything fine download (128)


hypocrisy of the highest order

I wont lie. I used to think that i fucking hated garage as a teenager. For a pre web 2.0 teenager in rural north east england it seemed like it was all that fucking pied piper song and mc lucks nasal whine. I can remember excluding Tubby T’s Tales of the hood and Ms Dynamites Boo from my vitriol  but generally I had no time for it, I was probably to busy listening to ninja tune or (shudder)  Mo’wax and admiring james levels xxxxl combat pants. I also completely failed to make the link between these and the 4 speed garagetunes in a row that we used to rinse out of the Ministry of sound Annual III , so it makes absolutely no sense for me to feel so strongly about this song, Man Like Me‘s tribute to a unknown garage solider.

whats even better is that debruit has just put up his remix on soundcloud for you to nick. so now you can show off you borrowed nostalgia for the late 90’s with out people calling you an trendy indie bellend on the forums.

London Town – Debruit remix

new kode 9

kode 9’s dj kicks mix is due out this month, they’re giving away one of his tracks, as well as streaming the first 15 mins of the mix, which kicks off with LONE’s amazing once in a while, here

kode 9 – you dont wash

really this is just an excuse for me to post the wiley kode 9 set off rinse from 4 years back.

Kode9 & wiley rinseFM ,26 january 2006

my fucking nan gave me money………..

Road to Rimini, or AHHHH RIMINI BOYZ as we like to call them (in a bad euro accent) are hosting another all dayer down the tyne bar this saturday. Ali Renault returns after last years apperance with Heartbreak.

have  a deeks




Joining Monsieur Renault will be genuine haus legend Neville Watson.

check out his waxa BIS mix with regular partner in crime KINK

KiNK & Neville Watson guest mix:
2. Roots Unit – Walter’s Pass – Permanent Vacation
3. Turntable Terror Trax Vol 3 – Jack Be Nimble – Bassment Records
4. Disco Nihilist – Easy – Paper Construction
5. Snuff Crew – More Fun – International Deejay Gigolo
6. Wild Geese – Touch – Flashback
7. Wanted For Fun – Passion (House Mix) – Play House Records
8. Ralphi Rosario – Get Up Get Out – Hot Mix 5
9. Paul Bennett – Royce Road To Peter St. – Modernista
10. DJ Buck – Nervous Acid – Tu Rong
11. Azari & III – Reckless With Your Love (Neville Watson Remix) – Permanent Vacation
12. Ron Hardy – Love & Happiness (Smackos Re-Interpretation)
13. Mr Fingers – Slam Dance – Alleviated Records
14. Hieroglyphic Being – Shambhala – Mathematics
15. Le Jak – Blue Bandit – Council House Recordings
16. Matt O’Brien – Dodaso (xtrak remix) – Offkey Industries
17. Jeff Mills – Flashing Lights – Something In The Sky
18. Autechre – Overand – Warp

and a couple of their tracks…

KiNK and Neville Watson – inside out

KiNk and Neville Watson – full flight. the pitch bent cymbal’s in this are class

were particularly fond of his Reckless with your love remix, one of the gayest, and therefor most executivly real tracks of the last few years.

irrelevant, but I discovered Neville for myself while searching for his brother, Gavin Watson’s work, having studied his book SKINS religiously through out college.

heres a video of the two of them (i think? they all look the same to me, bloody slap heads, could be the other one from right said fred for all I know) reminiscing over the book and their teenage experiences.

cant stop what you cant see/word to my dick

Lil’ B‘s complete lack of mental or quality control filter seems to endear him to as many people as it repulses.

Article from The Wire, click to enlarge.

you have to wade through alot of shit with B, but what do expect from a kid who has over 100 myspace music profiles , and a youtube channel that recently put out a new video every day of the week

fuck knows how that tramp gets his clarinet to sound like Vangelis’s synths.

theres plenty said here and here about this a lot more concisely I than I could ever hope to, but regardless of what hes saying his switch to a gangstarr/nas illmatic period new york style is sick.

beat the odds

Real life – picture planes re edit

Uk Swagg – this is a utterly bizarre car crash at what I assume is B’s attempt at making a grime beat.

luckily theres plenty other fools who’ll spend their time shifting through the verbal and sonic diarrhea to bring you shiny 96kbps audio diamonds in the form of unofficial best of “mix tapes”

decent combination of proper tracks and stream of conciseness freak outs like “just a robot” and “based in england”. cant think of anyone since odb who can go from talking about blood on the floor and crack heads, to calling himself a “young nobleman” who’s coming to england to drink tea.

Pullin all nighters

Just a Robot

Based in England

Download from literal shit

Noz from cocaine blunts sifted through all B’s “Based” freestyles. bloody stoners.


Listen to the beat

Cocaine Blunts (the dedication)

Download from Cocaine blunts

If that still aint enough theres an archive of 250 of his songs here….

This guys really good …..”Hes not a guy hes a machine”

Dextro have just released the zero circle 12″, and are giving away its digital incarnation
The stand out is The Village Orchestra‘s remix of the title track, which starts strong, descends into a Old Detroit melt down of slipping drums then pulls itself back together around the 4 minute mark.

Dextro- Cycle Ring (TVO – no birds remix)

Blazey, Ojo and a bottle of Dog

2 Newcastle producers are giving away tunes for free at the minute

Mr. Blazey, or rob to his mam, giving away his latest album slonality, here

Copporn – anything to do with kraftverk cheeseslice is good with me


Locusts of control – first half of this is class, strong enough to be fully instrumental in its self

Professor Ojo
The son of an assistant in an early atomic energy facility, (the original Scottish and Newcastle breweries opposite st james’s) whose poor safety standards exposed workers to massive doses of hard radiation (out of date bottles of dog) Ojo was born without eyes. Brilliant but blind, Ojo eventually created a device allowing him to see, and eventually became associated with the League of Assassins, a part of the criminal empire of Ra’s al Ghul . Loathing atomic energy, Ojo stole an experimental atomic submarine, (red bull milk float) bringing him into conflict with G.O.O.D. agents Richard Dragon and Benjamin Turner. (student puffs) Although the two martial artists helped recover the stolen submarine (their mams only lent it to them so they could get the big shop in from gateshead tesco) Turner stayed behind while Dragon tried to return the submarine – one of Ojo’s operatives had murdered rattled the woman dentistry student Turner loved taken to Nandos, and he would not leave without confronting him reimbursement for the quater chicken he’d waxed his loyalty stamps on.
However, Ojo captured and brainwashed Turner, turning him into the assassian known as the Bronze Tiger im getting a bit bored of this. Ojo would sell Turner’s services for some time, first to an underground fighting tournament pigeon racing circle, then to Mike Ashley (the treacherous head of G.O.O.D.), and finally to Sensei of the League of Assassins, Mike Neville

he also makes beats and that……


Icecream Peaks

both taken from his Open music release
Between Snacks

Run – Im sick to death of people mentioning Dilla. Maybe if producers keep making basslines like this they’l stop and start talking bout Bone Thugs ‘N’ Harmony. they were fucking great weren’t they? its the thuggish ruggish bowwwwwwwwwwne

Claim Control

both taken from
Ojo beats Vol 1